Detroit City

Tommy “Rev. Nuge” Nugent and Kurt Fitzpatrick toured the Canadian and American fringe festival circuits as solo performers for years and met at the Orlando Fringe in 2009.

Five years later, they teamed up and created and performed the live comedy “Bromance,” which debuted to sold out crowds in Fresno, CA, and was also performed in Cincinnati, London, New Orleans, and Indianapolis.

In 2016 Kurt took a class at NYU to develop a pilot script for a series loosely based on “Bromance.”  The script had a successful live reading at the London Fringe Festival that year.

In 2017 a 25-minute pilot was filmed in Fresno, Jersey City, and Detroit (where the show takes place), and additional scripts were written.  A year later, 2018, the pilot was shown as an Off-Rogue event during the Rogue Festival in Fresno when it was projected against the side of a house. This was followed by a live reading of an additional episode, which was warmly received.

With the pilot completed and scripts written for the season, we are now researching and learning what the next step will be to get a season of “Campus Martius” produced and seen.

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